About Member registration

About Member registration
CULLNI is free of monthly and annual fees.
If you register a new member and register your shipping address from My Page, you can save troublesome input at the time of purchase.
You can register your shipping address here.
Membership registration is required to make purchases.
Before registering, be sure to read the "Terms of Service" and "Handling of Personal Information" and accept and register.
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After logging in, go to "My page" and click "Unsubscribe".
All holding points and order history will be lost.
* Note: Once you unsubscribe, you cannot undo it. Please be careful.
About credit card payment
VISA, MASTER, Diners, JCB, AMEX are available.
* CULLNI uses a system called SSL. Please be assured that your card number will be sent encrypted.
Can't buy
For product purchases on PCs and smartphones, products will be secured when you proceed to the order completion screen.
Please keep in mind that it will not be secured when you put the item in the cart.
Items in stock may be sold out before the order is completed.
Please note on your shopping.
Period from order placement to product arrival
If the delivery date is not specified, it will usually be shipped 3-5 business days after the order is completed.
(Delivery may be delayed if you put it on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.)
If your order is concentrated or due to shipping work, shipping may be delayed. Please be forewarned.
The shipping status can be confirmed at any time from the purchase history of My Page.

About Products

The design of the delivered product is slightly different
Since the photos of the pre-ordered products are taken as sample products, the specifications, processing, size, etc. may differ slightly from the actual products. Please note.
About product color
Product images are posted in colors as close to the real thing as possible, but may look different from the actual colors depending on the monitor settings of the personal computer used and the manufacturer and model of the mobile phone. Please note.
* Because the pre-ordered products are shot with sample products, specifications, processing, colors, etc. may differ slightly from actual products.
About size
For the product size, see the size specifications listed on the product page.
The products of CULLNI are measured in the flat state.
* Please note that the display size may vary slightly depending on the product or measurement position.
About repair
Basically, we do not accept repairs for scratches, dirt, damage, etc. that occurred under the customer.
Also, we do not basically repair products that have been used at least once.
In the unlikely event that there is a defective product and you wish to repair it, we will repair it. During the repair period, we will contact you after taking care of the product.
Please note that repair may not be possible after product confirmation.
Depending on the condition of the custody product, repair may take more than one month.

* We will repair in the best way, but we do not guarantee the same quality as new. Please note.

Shipping and delivery


Temporary suspension of acceptance and delivery delays of mail items destined to various countries/territories by EMS.
» Please see more.
Based on the current situation, we are currently accepting shipping via DHL.
You can see the details at the time of purchase.

Please check the delivery area before purchasing.
» Check DHL postage
» Check DHL country zone

PRICING and Customs duty

Prices for the products are NOT including shipping charges, the payment handling fee, customs and taxes of the customer's country.
All orders outside Japan could be subject to customs and taxes of the customer's country. Customers are responsible for these charges when contacted by shipper.

About EMS

Japan Post's Express Mail Service (EMS) is used for all international deliveries. EMS is easy, secure and is one of the fastest international shipping services, which can deliver up to 30kg luggage to more than 120 countries.

» Check EMS delivery area
» Check EMS postage
» Check EMS country zone

About order to delivery
If the delivery date is not specified, it will usually be shipped 3-5 business days after the order is completed.
(Delivery may be delayed if you put it on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.)
If your order is concentrated or due to shipping work, shipping may be delayed. Please be forewarned.
After the order is completed, if there is any defect in the product due to inspection before delivery, we may not be able to prepare the ordered item and we may cancel the order.
Please understand it.
Delivery may be delayed due to delivery conditions and traffic conditions during the busy season of the delivery company, the year-end and New Year holidays, bad weather.
Cancellation / Exchange / Return
We cannot accept cancellations after confirming your order.
No cancellation due to customer convenience can be accepted.
We do not accept any returns or refunds for unauthorized returns.
(※ If you refuse to receive it, we will charge a round trip shipping fee.)
In the unlikely event that a product is defective or is damaged due to soiling at the time of shipment, we will accept replacement of the product.
If you wish to exchange according to the above items, please contact the customer center within 7 days after the product arrives.
Exchanges cannot be accepted after 7 days of arrival, so please check the status of the product immediately after it arrives.
We will bear the shipping cost for defective products.
Please note that refunds are not accepted for any reason on items purchased through sales or coupons.
Please note that if there is a defect in the product, we will respond by exchanging it on our shipping cost.
If stock is not available from us, we will accept returns and refunds.
* Items to be exchanged
・ Products with obvious deficiencies in product specifications (excluding those due to USED processing)
・ Products that have become dirty or damaged during delivery
・ When a product different from the confirmation email at the time of order arrives

* Items that are not eligible for cancellation, exchange or return
・ In the case of product return due to customer's convenience
・ Products purchased through sales or coupons
・ When scratches or damages occur at the customer's responsibility, or when they are used or washed even once
・ In case of image difference due to customer's convenience
・ If the product tag is damaged or removed
・ When there is no bag, tag or accessory bundled with the product
・ If the delivery note and invoice bundled with the product are lost or destroyed
・ When there are individual differences in the reason, such as the smell of the product is severe
-For items ordered outside of this site (Please contact your place of purchase.)
-We can not accept anything other than those that have a problem in terms of surface and use. At our company, we handle all new products.
Please note that some fraying, folding wrinkles, etc. will occur during the production stage.
* At the time of exchange, there may be refunds for items that are not in stock such as limited items.
* When your order arrives, please open the packing box as soon as possible and confirm the order and the delivery note.
* Please return all items delivered when returning. It also includes the shop bags and catalogs bundled with the specifications and campaigns.

When you try on, please be careful of perfume, cosmetics, and tobacco odor. Products with odors are not eligible for return.
Since the product package is also a part of the product, if you return it directly with a shipping slip, we can not accept returns.
We will not accept returns if the product (including tags, boxes, and accessories) is returned to our company if the condition differs greatly from the time of delivery.
We may ask you for your luggage inquiry number when returning the product, so please keep a copy of the shipping slip until the procedure is completed.
About refund
We do not accept refunds for customer convenience, but we will refund according to the payment method below if stock is not available due to product defects and refunds are not possible due to inability to exchange.
* Please note that if stock is available, or sale items will be exchanged.

·Credit card payment
We will cancel the payment.
If the payment has already been confirmed, the credit card company will provide cash back after the withdrawal.
Exchanges and returns
No returns will be accepted for customer reasons, such as incorrect size or mistaken impression of the product.
Exchanges or refunds will be accepted if the product delivered is not what you ordered or is defective for reasons attributable to us.
Please notify us of the order number and details of the return or exchange at the contact information below within seven days after delivery of the product.
We will bear shipping costs in such a case.


Contact Us
If you have any questions that are not resolved by the FAQ, please contact us from here. In some cases, it may take some time (3-5 business days) to respond, so please check the FAQ as well.